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Basic + Accessories = STYLE

Posted by MacGirl411 on 3/30/2012 to Mac Style
It's FASHION FRIDAY again and today I thought I would post a simple set showing basic clothing pieces and styling with accessories. So simple and effective. This how I plan my travel wardrobe. Basic white top, black pants and all purpose jacket or sweater. Then, I bring an assortment of scarves and jewelry to change my look throughout the trip. Better yet, purchase jewelry along your travels. Once you're back home you will be reminded of your journey and trip memories when you wear those special pieces bought abroad. Smaller bags and lighter packing is always the way to go, especially when traveling via train in Europe. You don't want to be lugging around large luggage up and down the stairs to the different boarding platforms. Do you have any special travel packing pointers you would like to share?
Basic + Accessories = STYLE

Basic + Accessories = STYLE by macgirl411 featuring hammered jewelry

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