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Fashion Words

Posted by Lauren Mac on 3/21/2012 to Things We Love

Wednesday's wise words are from fashion icon Kate Spade. "Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends". So true isn't it. For some of us, it may have started before five. Either way, we love the quote. It's a girl thing!

Kate Spade Quote

Wednesday's Wise Words

Posted by Lauren Mac on 2/29/2012 to Things We Love

Eat Well Travel Often...great words to live by!

Eat Well Travel Often


Happy Holidays

Posted by Lauren Mac on 12/24/2011 to Dear to our Hearts
Happy Holidays to all our loyal shoppers.
We wish you Peace, LOVE and Happiness
during this Holiday Season!

Delightful Displays

Posted by Lauren Mac on 12/8/2011 to Things We Love
What are your favorite ways to display your jewelry? Here are some clever ideas we have found that we thought we would share with you. Click on the "read more" button to get the full scoop!

Jewelry Display